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When brakes help you ride faster

Stationary bikes don't need brakes. 

But they sure would be better if they had brake hoods for your hands.

Now they do.

Sometimes the smallest change makes the biggest difference.


The HIZE hoods in action

Bullhorn handlebars on spin bikes contribute to poor riding positions.

Bullhorn handlebars on indoor stationary bikes force your hands and wrists into a position that contributes to locked elbows and tension in your shoulders/neck and lower back.

Efficient posture starts in your hands.

By keeping your hands light on the HIZE hoods, the arms are capable of relaxing with a natural bend and less pressure placed in shoulder/neck and lower back. 

A proper hip hinge contributes further to sustained power and a more comfortable riding position.

The Hizeman

A new hand position for your rides

It's important to move your hands around on your stationary bike and the HIZE hoods provide an additional location without impeding access to riding in Position 3.


“It’s the little things that matter.  Peloton is a fantastic piece of kit and certainly well worth the money, however, it’s not a road bike, the ergonomics are just different. One large step to making this better is installing the HIZE hoods to mimic the feel of riding the hoods, it won’t replicate the wind or the road but it will send your hands to their happy place. I have no issue recommending these to any spin bike user who needs some road bike normality.”

Keith, New Jersey

“I struggled with maintaining proper form with my Peloton before trying the HIZE hoods. Having the hoods on my bike has really helped me better engage my core and use my legs properly to maximize my workouts! “

Lisa, Cape Cod

"I added the HIZE hoods to my Peloton and everything changed.  I had less strain on my hands and it allowed me to relax without even thinking about it.  They are easy to attach and I love having more hand options for rides."

Kristin, Boston

Added hand positions

Like riding the brake hoods on your road bike