• Hello, my name is Daniel Lopez-Bonaglia. I’m a Soldier, Athlete, Visionary, and Entrepreneur. I currently run a German Peloton Group that I started in September with almost 400 members. Every Sunday, I post a Sunday showcase Or (Sonntag Showcase) of new tech, features, or add-ons for the Peloton Bike. Next month I’ll be adding video media to show off Sunday Showcase. I would love to do a video showcase of your product in July or August.

    Daniel Lopez
  • Hi. I’d love to try these products and write reviews and share my experiences via social media platforms to get the word out, about this new exciting product! I’ve many peloton friends and followers who’d benefit from these I’m sure!

    Paul Cornock
  • I love riding my Peloton. It’s a great work out no matter the weather! The one problem was I could never quite get comfortable even though I knew my set up was correct. Then I saw the Hize hoods and realized what was missing. The first ride after getting them was great. My hand and arms were finally as comfortable as they are on my road bike. I have been using them for 3 months and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend!

  • Excellent product, easy to use, comfortable, places you hands and wrists in proper position on the bike.


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