About HIZE

When I was a kid I was obsessed with sports and gear, constantly visiting local sporting goods stores to see the latest and greatest in footwear, apparel, and equipment.  I even “designed” my own line of products in elementary school.

My passion for sports ultimately led to a career in athletic footwear and apparel where I led the Running businesses for brands like New Balance, Reebok, Brooks Sports, Li Ning, Newton and others as an independent consultant on brand strategy and product design and development.

The jobs provided me amazing opportunities to constantly push the boundaries of product design, manufacturing, innovation and unique story-telling, all grounded in biomechanics. 

I’ve collaborated on technical design with some of the foremost authorities in biomechanics including Macarthur award winner Dr. Jim Collins of MIT, Dr. Casey Kerrigan (Harvard MD and Chairman of footwear brand OESH) and Jay Dicharry PhD, who runs one of the the nation’s leading speed labs and is an expert on Bike Fit and biomechanics.  All of these experiences provided a deeper appreciation for proper biomechanics and an overall understanding of movement in sports.

How HIZE was born

My work in the design and development of performance running footwear helped to develop an appreciation for how a contact point (shoes for running) contributes to the running form and gait of an athlete and how the wrong shoe can contribute to injury.  I learned that very small changes (in millimeters) can have a drastic effect on the wear and tear of an athlete over time.

As a cyclist, I recognized that the hands served as a similar contact point and were critically important to a good riding posture.  As I started to log more miles on the bullhorn handlebars of my Peloton bike, I was starting to feel the effects of poor posture - sore wrists, tight shoulders/neck, and lower back pain.  That’s where the work started. 

After months of riding, testing, breaking/fixing parts, and more testing, I am finally ready to offer them to you. I hope you find that your experience with your stationary bike is improved like mine. 

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Ride #250 in the books in 2019



"I hired Craig to contribute to the initial product design and development of the Oesh shoe brand.  Craig is a student of human athletic performance and worked with my team in our lab to understand the biomechanical needs of the runner and walker to protect against injury, to perform at the highest level, and to be efficient in movement.   Craig has that ability to address an athlete's needs and to maximize the benefits of human movement."   

- Dr Casey Kerrigan M.D., Founder and Chairman of Oesh Shoes  https://oeshshoes.com/about/

"Craig supported the team at the Wyss in the design and commercialization of a unique product that utilizes stochastic resonance in shoe insoles that was established to aid the elderly, diabetics, stroke victims, and athletes in improving balance and performance.  Craig worked directly with a team of engineers leveraging our research and bridging it with his understanding of the consumer to ensure that the concept could move from the lab to the market. His support in design, positioning and branding was helpful in out efforts to license the product."
Dr. James J. Collins,  PhD, Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering and Science, MIT, MacArthur Fellow