HIZE hoods - Red
HIZE hoods - Red

HIZE hoods - Red

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  • One pair (2 symmetrical HIZE hoods)
  • Attached to a stationary bike’s handlebars to deliver the hand position and ride posture of a conventional road bike's brake hood covers.
  • Two 6” Velcro ® Omni Tape straps are included to secure the HIZE hoods in place, (note, the hoods will be able to be moved slightly for the most comfortable ride position)
  • Fits most indoor stationary bikes including Peloton®, Bowflex® C6, Schwinn® IC4, Keiser® M3i, Echelon  ® EX5 and Echelon  ® EX5S
  • Patent pending
  • Made in USA

Allow 5-10 business days for shipment

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